Aging In Place With Fitness

Fitness is empowering at every age. Teach yourself, your children, your parents. Human health, aging, and the quality of longevity are socio-economic issues at the very core of our well-being. It is a principle of our program that as long as we are alive we can exercise to improve.


Physically active

As an octogenarian fitness model, I enjoy showing that you are never too old to exercise. I really have fun as a special guest on The Personal Training Show.

Chef at The Personal Training Show


I have enjoyed cooking my whole life. Cooking allows me to be in charge of what ingredients I eat. My daily diet is a whole food, plant based diet.

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Socially Active

I am using exercise and diet as an intervention to natural degeneration. Keep up with my training philosophy and program on Facebook.


Aging Active

My big event each year is the SouthWest Ergometer Amateur Tournament. I have my own rowing machine at home, which makes it easy to stay in shape.


Age Well

fitness is the only real luxury

We all need love. We all need to feel included and impassioned. We want to feel confident in our choices and satisfied with our lives. We seek success. Upon humility we determine for ourselves what is important, and protect that with dignity. Mortality is our gift, so stay ready with exercise.