The Sleepy Bear Club Published

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The Sleepy Bear Club by Jennifer Grantham

Dallas, Texas - May 9, 2014 - From the world of Jennifer Grantham comes a children's classic bedtime story 'The Sleepy Bear Club':

From a secret cabin deep within a wondrous forest comes a meeting of imaginative proportions. Here you will find stories of a dreamworld inspired by adventures of the day. You will run across the mountains, chase the rivers, and experience the joy of freedom as you drift into a playful slumber.

Empowering the reader to create their own life of exploration and play, Jennifer captures the spirit of childhood. Through an illustrative writing style seasoned with a sense of vibrancy, her story reflects the endless possibilities of life for those who choose to pursue it.

Join the Sleepy Bears on their adventures of the day and learn to fall in love with nap time! For less things to tow and naps on the go, get it on iBooks.