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We are an independent production company creating content to serve as a resource for the physical culture. The purpose of exercise is to develop and maintain a great body. That’s the message of The Personal Training Show®. We have developed a program focused on technique with equal parts of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Each episode brings you visual imagery of putting fitness philosophy into practice. 


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Our specialty is taking the principles of fine motor control and presenting them as performance art — an art, that to us, is the very essence of fitness. Use this gallery to view our latest episodes, featured videos, and show trailers. For full access to our complete library, visit our Vimeo and YouTube channels. When it comes to using our show to plan your workouts, start with our interactive e-book, The Art Of Exercise. With a workout plan, step by step instructions, technique based photos, and active links to specific exercise videos, this book is your guide to a good body.



The composition is life. An artist with the piano and the dumbbell, Lawrence Lee Lane skillfully combines the two disciplines for a presentation of beauty and precision. As with classical piano, classical exercise is studied, practiced, and refined. Experience the performance of technique set to the soundtrack of life -- merging to create the new art form that is Motivation Entertainment.   Start Listening


Our facility is called GymStudio, because the gym is in the studio. From our beautiful soundstage we use professional-grade equipment and computer software to bring you the highest quality experience of original content. Episodes, including their music, are filmed, recorded, and produced here.



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