We're defining aging, because it's not a mystery.


There is a new frontier in using exercise as an intervention to natural degeneration.

The Personal Training Show® is a physical education website whose mission is to harness strength training movements and endurance exercise to develop and maintain the biology that controls lifespan. We use that knowledge to teach a fine motor program that enables people to lead longer and healthier lives. Embracing this mission will require an unprecedented awareness of individual effort and focus on the long-term effects of fitness.


Exercise is being sold wrong, so we're changing the conversation.

For decades we have been told how much, how often, and how hard to exercise. And for decades many people have started an exercise program, yet most of them have quit. We believe people want to exercise. We believe that the way you think about exercise, the way you do it, and how well it works are issues at the very core of your success or failure. How much, how often, and how hard are minor considerations compared to what you do and how you do it.


If you change your approach to exercise and start paying attention to the intricacies of form and technique, then great changes will be yours.

The foundation of human life is fitness. We have taken our love for the arts and sciences of the human body and never left the study and practice of human development. As a creative team, we use the internet to deliver an artistic performance of essential exercises done well.


Having the formula for health means you get to the gym knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.

We are giving everyone the power to learn what exercise is, how it works, and why you would want it. We believe that exercise is an essential skill and when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, a little planning and practice go a long way. Fitness is a lifetime investment and the more you know, the better you will be at making wise decisions for yourself. Let our narrative inspire yours. Put our books in your toolbox for building a healthy body.


We are very philosophical about physical fitness. We believe that vitality, as well as self-image, is a lifelong pursuit.

The desire is to look and feel great! But there is more to lifespan than just "good looks". For this reason we choose to place great importance on perfect health, or as we refer to it, the fountain of youthful potential. We discuss the social and economic consequences. We raise the consciousness of health, beauty, and longevity.


As you think, so you become. We write about it, so that you can think about it.

The last lesson in health, beauty, and longevity relates to the essence of humility. The great realization is this: You create the physical conditions of your world. Each one of us can approach perfectibility only as we become willing to let go of greed. Our bodies reflect the total personality -- we look as we think and feel and do.


The way we teach exercise is based on the fundamental concept of participant modeling.

Experience the enjoyment of working out in a private gym with your own personal trainer. With top of the line equipment, full length mirrors, and gallery appeal, we provide a peaceful and beautiful approach to exercise. Get the body you want!