The Long Term Effects Of Fitness

The exercise method created by Lawrence drew from the influences of personal skill sets. Piano, acrobatics, and dance were the artistic ideology of human beauty, the passion to feel things deeply, and the fine art of practice.

The human sciences provided the study of anatomy and physiology, and the classic response to the exercise stimulus for strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Three discoveries led to defining fitness and exercise.

  • The fitness of muscle is everything.

  • Fine motor control is better.

  • There is a right amount.



With 40 years of professional practice as a personal fitness trainer, Lawrence Lee Lane personally embodies the cumulative effects of exercise; otherwise known as 'the long term effects of fitness'.



Since 1961 Lawrence Lee Lane has played anything with a keyboard and has composed consistently. From classical piano solos to modern electric shorts, each track is a journey of its own.



Lawrence Lee Lane has designed an exercise program that maintains fitness for lifespan. Not only is it possible to avoid looking and feeling old, it is simple to learn and master a how-to skill set for proper care and maintenance.