Personal Training

GymStudio is a private personal training gym located in Dallas, Texas. Owned and operated by Personal Fitness Trainers Lawrence Lee Lane and Jennifer Grantham, the mission is to teach fitness as a lifestyle.


A New Image Of Fitness

The most effective method for learning classical exercise is to watch the demonstration of proper form, and then practice with coaching corrections. Every exercise has a precise body posture and mechanical pattern. Our program is focused on technique with equal parts of strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Love & Fitness is our brand and many of our clients work out with their significant other. Having the support of your partner for any lifestyle habit is a major component of happiness and success.

From strength workouts to endurance technique, personal nutrition to beauty sleep, let us guide you into the physical culture.

Love, Jennifer & Lawrence


Dallas, Texas


Monday - Friday
8:00AM to 7:00PM

As a private gym, we work by appointment only.

Forty years ago, I designed an exercise program that maintains fitness for lifespan.
— Lawrence Lee Lane


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