Creating A Lifestyle Of Fitness

An environmental designer who traded in a desk job for the gym, Jennifer brings the influence of planning and practice into fitness. She starts with habit structure. The project is life.

Exercise as documentary, the internet as delivery, a creation of fitness at your fingertips. To depict and portray the human beauty of preservation due to a few simple skills. The study of systems and physics leading to form follows function.

Believing physical education is a path to human development, her work inspires children and adults alike to visualize their own world and physically earn their nap time.



Bringing a designer's perspective into personal fitness, Jennifer Grantham has made life the project. She begins with choosing healthy habits and the environments that support them; otherwise known as 'creating a lifestyle of fitness'.



When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, a little planning and practice go a long way. Believing the habits of childhood influence the choices of adulthood, Jennifer inspires everyone to play outside and fall asleep by dreaming about their adventures



Creating and maintaining a healthy body is possible when you know what you are doing. The more you know, the better you will be at making wise decisions for yourself. Add Jennifer's books to your shelf and learn how to become love and fitness.