Physical Education

It's Exercise 101 ... It's the basics of classical exercise. It's what works. It's how to get your muscles to work; how to get your heart and lungs to work. And when everything in your body works right, then you look great! That's the beauty of health & fitness -- everything comes together.


Classical Exercise

The art or practice of designing simple movements as stimulus for positive physical change in the development and maintenance of human anatomy and physiology, reflecting the balanced need for musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and cardiorespiratory regeneration.



Physical development is not a mystery; nor can it be found in one mode of exercise. Strength training builds a great body. The exercises are based on basic muscular functions. Strength workouts are weekly forever.


Endurance training is essential. Increased blood flow delivers everything to cells. Energy transport to vital tissue is mandatory. The exercises are based on single stride or stroke mechanics. Heart and lung workouts are weekly forever.


Flexibility is earned daily. Suppleness is a physically comfortable state of being. To move freely is mobility. Stretches are a type of exercise. Stretching is a habit.

The skills of exercise are “the basics”. If you learn the basic skills, and always practice to improve them, then you will have an exercise program that works and continues to work, and that will make you look the way you want to look, and that will keep you motivated, and that isn’t boring.
— Lawrence Lee Lane


The Body I Most Desire

Excerpt from 'The Art Of Exercise' by Lawrence Lee Lane

“I would expect my exercises to result in my looking and feeling the way I most desire, in fairly short order, and without hurting my body. Let’s define exercise. EXERCISE IS ANY EVENT THAT PRODUCES A POSITIVE PHYSICAL CHANGE. Now we have a way to qualify exercise, and that’s good. A sort of cost effective standard we can use to rank exercise effectiveness. We want specific changes in the way our bodies look and feel. And we want to produce these changes as quickly and safely as possible. In fact, we want to hold on to these changes -- a good body for keeps. That’s my idea of longevity, or agelessness…”